Potato Cottage Cheese

Potato Cheddar

$12/ 4dozen


Local Specialties

Nacho Babas - Cheddar, Potato and Homemade salsa made with locally grown tomatoes

All Dressed (Bacon, Garlic, Dill, Potato) made with locally made bacon, homegrown dill and garlic

Family Fungi Perogies - made with a blend of Grueger Family Fungi mushrooms and Potatoe

$15/4 dozen

Cabbage 4 pack

Rolls and More

Cabbage Rolls

Sweet, Sour or Curry Cabbage Rolls

Beet Rolls - with rice, bacon onion and butter (Sold out Until Aug 2021)

$22/4 dozen tray


$12/ 2 dozen tray


$12/2 dozen